Atlantic Technology Unleashes Top-Shelf AZURE In-Ceiling Speaker Lineup


(June 16, 2021) Further padding its diverse range of audio products, Atlantic Technology has unveiled five new high-performance in-ceiling speakers as part of its AZURE lineup. Billed as an upgrade over its IC Series, AZURE offers enthusiasts three 6.5” and two 8” 2-way speaker options that are timber matched with Atlantic Technology’s other speaker offerings.

All five AZURE models benefit from woofers fabricated with the same lightweight, low resonance fiberglass cone material found on its flagship 8600 and AT-3 H-PAS floor standing speakers. This fiberglass is inherently uniform, operating with stiffness and speed for reduced distortion. The use of high-temperature voice coils with large magnet structures and an all-new non-resonant enclosure with a horn-shaped profile further ensure excellent mid-range performance.

High-frequency duties are guided by coated silk dome tweeters designed for wide dispersion. The tweeters are mounted on a bridge design that reduces interaction with the woofer, allowing for 30-degrees of aiming movement for sound-optimized installation. Design highlights include Ferrofluid cooling, Neodymium magnets, and a relatively low crossover point (ranging between 2.7kHz for the AZ810, AZ620, AZ820, and 3.0kHz for the AZ600 and AZ610).

Like most in-ceiling speakers, Atlantic Technology endowed its AZURE series with a quick-mounting systems and magnetic grilles.

Specific model features are as follows:

  • AZURE AZ600 6.5-inch: Step-up from entry-level IC Series IC-6.1 S includes new acoustically optimized horn, fiberglass woofers, more advanced crossover components and speaker terminals, greater power handling. Output ranges from 48Hz-22kHz (87dB sensitivity). Retail price per speaker $330.
  • AZURE AZ610 6.5-inch and AZ810 8-inch: Step-ups to IC-6.2 and IC-8.2. Designed for more demanding sonic performance with step-up features as cited above plus front-mounted tweeter level controls to further optimize the speaker to surroundings. Output ranges from 48Hz-22kHz (88dB sensitivity) for the AX610, Output ranges from 45Hz-22kHz (89dB sensitivity) for the AZ810. Retail price per speaker: AZ610 $389 / AZ810 $599
  • AZURE AZ620 6.5-inch and AZ820 8-inch: Step-ups to IC-6.3 and IC-8.3. In addition to step-up features cited above, these are Tri-mode™ dual-voice coil/dual tweeter ultra-thin bezel speakers and can be configured for conventional mono use, single-point stereo, or dipole surround. Output ranges from 48Hz-22kHz (88dB sensitivity) for AZ620, Output ranges from 45Hz-22kHz (89dB sensitivity) AZ820. Retail per speaker: AZ620 $439 / AZ820 $709

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