Atlantic Technology Launches Its Versatile FS-WSLR1 SKAA Wireless Bookshelf Speaker


(April 16, 2021) Atlantic Technology’s latest release is another entry into its SKAA wireless speaker category. The FS-WSLR1 is an active bookshelf speaker that can operate solo, as a 2-channel speaker arrangement, or as part of a multi-channel or multi-room audio system.

Standing at 14.8” tall and finished with a brushed black satin non-resonant extruded aluminum cabinet, the FS-WSLR1’s finish matches Atlantic Technology’s SKAA Gatecrasher3 PowerBar. Each speaker has its own onboard 30-watt Class D amplifier and dual 2.5” composite polypropylene mid-woofers that flank a 3/4” aluminum tweeter. Because the FS-WSLR1 is voice-matched to the Gatecrasher3, the speakers can be paired to create a 5.1 home theater system. And due to the versatility and user-friendly nature of SKAA wireless technology, multiple FS-WSLR1s can be placed around the home and linked together for simple-to-use music playback without the need for Wi-Fi.

The FS-WSLR1’s 3” depth and adjustable brackets make table-top or wall placement simple, and onboard controls make volume adjustments and pairing app- and hassle-free. The inclusion of a 3.5mm priority sensing analog jack on the speaker's back allows analog sources to connect directly to the speaker.

Atlantic Technology currently offers a wide range of SKAA enabled products beyond the FS-WSLR1 and Gatecrasher3 SoundBar. Other gear includes an integrated amp, subwoofer, outdoor speakers, and (soon) headphones. The company also sells seven different transmitters that can turn analog and digital devices (including smartphones, televisions, and receivers) into a SKAA audio source. SKAA is an international audio standard that's perfect for TV, movies, and gaming. Its 150-foot, interference-free performance features a fixed 36-millisecond low-latency transmission and a precisely fixed 0.04-millisecond inter-speaker sync that’s free of lip-sync issues.

The FS-WSLR1 Wireless Bookshelf speaker is priced at $649 per pair and is available for purchase now.
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