AirPods Pro Killer? At $99, 1MORE’s New Comfobuds Pro Looks Like a Champ


(March 26, 2021) 1MORE has launched six different earbud models this year, with its most recent being a budget alternative to Apple’s celebrated AirPods Pro.

The ComfoBuds Pro ($99) delivers the performance elements we’ve come to expect from modern earbuds. Beyond being wireless thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, it’s IPX4 water and sweat resistant for workouts and inconvenient weather. Owners can customize fit thanks to four different silicone ear tips. And a convenient carry case doubles as a quick-charge station providing up to 28-hours of energy with 2-hours of power achieved with a 15-minute charge.

Of course, the ComofoBuds Pro provides access to voice assistants, like Siri, but unlike AirPods Pro, it offers built-in Auto Play/Pause capabilities using infrared sensors and other customizable controls through a free MUSIC app.

Noise cancellation is another highlight feature, crafted by 1MORE’s in-house QuietMax ANC Technology. QuietMax is designed to keep music and media sounding natural while effectively filtering both internal and external sound. It also uniquely attacks wind noise and offers users two selectable levels of noise cancellation to limit any sensation of pressure in the ear. The inclusion of 3 ENC microphones per earbud and integrated AI-complete the experience by delivered crystal clear calls.

1MORE says the ComfoBuds Pro's styling is derived from a “desire to represent the flowing nature of dripping liquid metal from the smooth, curvaceous, bulbous drop to a streamlined decadent narrowed tip as the liquid metal flows down giving its tail-like nature,” suggesting its not another AirPods Pro clone. But, truth be told, it actually looks more like a classic AirPods clone with slight design variations. Nevertheless, at $99, we can forgive any similarities.

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