• It's not finished yet! But, this new theater is approaching completion and should be a killer!

    I'm going to visit Joe next month and will offer a more complete view of his new theater. While he is still awaiting a couple of very important items, such as the JVC Projector and the seating, that will actually complete the project... I thought you may be interested in a very unique piece he made from a repurposed analog mixing console.

    He made a coffee table and a side table from one of his old Yamaha live sound mixing desks. To me this will be the centerpiece of the room (at least until the lights go down!). I include a look at the console/coffee table sitting in the room in progress to give you some sense of scale.

    Pretty Cool!

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  1. climber07
    Totally awesome and uber cool.
  2. Tony V.
    That is amazing! I love the idea of a mixer under glass although I do think reflection off the glass might be annoying during a movie with the lights up I'm lovin this. I have a friend in the pro A/V business and I should see if he has any old non working mixers like that kicking around.
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    2. Tom Lehman
      Hi Tony, I have never worked on a Kelsey before. I googled and they look interesting :-) I really like the sound and quality of the Soundcraft boards! In the studio (circa 1975+) we started with a Audtronics Son of 36 Grand and moved to a MCI. In the band work we used lots of different stuff including Altec, Tapco, Tascam and others of the day. It’s great to meet someone who has had similar experience with this stuff! Joe has been in the sound reinforcement biz for years and the Yamaha was one of his many consoles. He had cut back over the years and the Yamaha, along with a 56 channel Crest, are the last two left. He had tried for years to sell both, even at give-a-way prices, with no luck. I sort of convinced him that the coffee table would be cool :-)
      Bad Tom
      Tom Lehman, Jan 27, 2019
    3. Tony V.
      Digital mixers take some egetting used to, the one thing I do like about them is the built in processors such as gates and limiters. Having a true parametric eq is nice also on each channel.
      Tony V., Jan 27, 2019
    4. Tom Lehman
      I know what you mean. One box instead of many is great for portability. I use a Presonus Studiolive 24.4.2 in my home studio and convienience-wise it can’t be beat But I still lust after the old giant analog consoles!
      Tom Lehman, Jan 27, 2019
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  3. Grayson Dere
    That has GOT TO BE THE AWESOMEST coffee table I've ever seen!! : )

    Will it also light up? ; )
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    2. Grayson Dere
      Ahhh, I see. I did not think about whether or not there would be fans to cool down the power supplies...I actually didn't know they required any! :p Anyhow, LEDs will make a nice show.
      Grayson Dere, Jan 24, 2019
    3. Tom Lehman
      Most P/S would not. When you get into these huge consoles that can be used in many different environments they tend to use fans in the P/S and sometimes the console itself. This was not a studio console, although sound wise every bit as good as some, but a live sound console. In that environment it is usually noisy enough that the fans are not an issue. In a confined space like a home theater they would be easily heard. Studio consoles either hide power supplies in a separate equipment closet or depend passive cooling in the air conditioned environment of a studio.

      And you are right that thing lit up like a Christmas Tree!! It would have been extra cool!
      Tom Lehman, Jan 25, 2019
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    4. Tom Lehman
      Oh I forgot to mention the p/s for this mixing desk is about half the size of a mini-fridge:-)
      Tom Lehman, Jan 25, 2019
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  4. tripplej
    Wow, that is a nice center table. Wow.
    1. Tom Lehman
      Thanks TrippleJ! I’ll pass that along to Joe :-)
      Tom Lehman, Jan 23, 2019