Bargain Basement Theater

  • I'd like to add my humble basement theater area. Chane Theater 10s for the mains and dual Chane SBE-118s run off a Dayton SA-1000. Still need to finish installing the rears to make it 7.2. My receiver is a Denon AVR-1910, and yes we're rocking a WII and PS2 :). The Bluray is a ClearPlay player which is nice for making some movies a little more kid-friendly, and we have a Roku with Sling and Prime on it for everything else (TopGear, The Grand Tour, Forged in Fire, etc. for a flavor of the TV we watch, lol). However, as you can see, it's mainly used for family movie nights we have typically every Friday or Saturday with homemade pizza (the kids love Tron:Legacy, and I love it too, so win-win!). I don't think I'll likely ever have a dedicated theater room as the space is too multipurpose, but I have been pestering my better half about doing a screen and projector for a while now (to much eye-rolling of course).

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  1. Jeff S
    This is a great set-up. Taking any space and modifying it to enjoy some media consumption is fun and rewarding. I, like you, have a budget system and, although I sometimes salivate at the higher end gear, I still really enjoy sitting down to watch a movie with a decent yet modest system with my wife. I actually prefer it to going to a movie theater (except to see a Star Wars flick). Nice job and hope your 7.2 expansion goes well. By the way, I still have a Wii too. That is true class!!
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    1. BD55
      Thanks! I'm really just procrastinating setting up the rears... I don't want to pull baseboard to get the wires run. At some point I'll have had enough and just do it :)
      BD55, Mar 19, 2018
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    2. Todd Anderson
      We've had a Wii for the duration also... and tho my kids are now in their teens, they still play it with friends... and we still have some really fun family game nights on it. What a wonder piece of technology!
      Todd Anderson, Mar 19, 2018
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