REW Windows installer with JRE V5.20 beta 4

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  1. REW V5.0 beta 4 Windows installer with JRE

    John Mulcahy
    Changes in V5.20 beta 4:
    • When measurements with distortion data are averaged using (A+B)/2 or Vector average their distortion data is also averaged, providing the measurements were made at the same sample rate and with the same sweep or stepped sine settings
    • Added a Window function setting for the tone burst generator with a range of window types
    • Reduced memory use and file size for sweep measurements
    • Added Float as a format for exported WAV files
    • Additional text for...
  2. REW V5.20 beta 3 Windows installer with JRE

    John Mulcahy
    V5.20 beta 3
    • Restored 16k and 32k sample rate options for sig gen WAV files and filter impulse response exports
    • Update the sample rate selector when reloading the ASIO driver
    • Added an option to plot distortion harmonics at the harmonic frequency rather than the fundamental frequency
    • Update dBFS scaling for signal generator and RTA when focus leaves the dBFS scale field
    • Restart any ASIO audio I/O after changing input or output channels
    • If a graph capture includes the...
  3. REW V5.20 beta 2 Windows installer with JRE

    John Mulcahy
    V5.20 beta 2 changes:

    • Gave the signal generator a revamp and added a signal waveform preview
    • Added fade in and fade out controls to the linear and log sweep signals
    • Added AES17-2015 MD and DFD presets to the dual tone signals
    • Changed sig gen level control behaviour for dual tone signals, the level setting now reflects the rms level of the combined signal rather than the rms level of f1
    • Added a selection of multitone test signals
    • Allow RTA lengths up to 1M
    • If the...
  4. V5.20 beta 1 Windows installer with JRE

    John Mulcahy
    First beta of V5.20
    • Increased audio data timeouts for macOS to accommodate 10.14 Mojave delays in granting audio access
    • Changed text for checkbox to lock sine gen frequency to RTA FFT length and included the FFT length in the text
    • Added Preferences menu entries to set the REW main window to a selection of predefined sizes
    • Bug fix: If not setting t=0 at IR peak the win ref time was not being reset after estimate IR delay, causing incorrect phase for FDW
    • Bug fix: SPL...
  5. V5.19 Windows installer with JRE

    John Mulcahy
  6. V5.19 beta 12 Windows installer with JRE

    John Mulcahy
    Small changes in 5.19 beta 12, all being well the last before the 5.19 release.

    • Improved rendering of text on spectrogram graph images when spectrogram floor is filled
    • Small refinement to the IR start detection code
    • Changed delay figure with acoustic timing reference back to using IR start time for limited bandwidth measurements (e.g. subwoofers), retained use of the Estimate IR Delay process otherwise
    • Bug fix: Added checks to try and prevent occasional exception when...
  7. V5.19 beta 11 Windows installer with JRE

    John Mulcahy
    V5.19 beta 11 changes:
    • Added Leq traces for the last minute and the last 10 minutes to the SPL logger
    • Added * in front of comment lines in the impulse response text export file and a * Data start comment immediately before the data
    • Trim trailing zeroes when exporting impulse response as text with window applied, but note that the data will be padded with zeroes so the length is a binary power if required
    • Show an error message if the file selected for data import does not...
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  8. V5.19 beta 10 Windows installer with JRE

    John Mulcahy
    Changes in V5.19 beta 10:

    • 24-bit data is now supported where the JVM makes it available (currently macOS and probably Linux)
    • Added 176.4, 352.8 and 384 kHz to the sample rates allowed for ASIO
    • Allow generator to continue running if ASIO output selection is changed - audio will be interrupted briefly, however
    • Added a dBc axis option for the RTA (dB relative to carrier, mainly used to present data relative to the level of the fundamental tone in the signal)
    • Only stop the...
  9. V5.19 beta 9 REW Windows installer with JRE

    John Mulcahy
    V5.19 beta 9 changes:
    • Added input selectors to the Measure dialog
    • Added a soundcard preferences control to set the mapping from REW's output channels to hardware output channels and choose the label to use for them
    • Multichannel output is no longer limited to 8 channels, allowing use of interfaces with higher channel counts on OS X (and probably Linux). The channel mapping control allows any 8 of the available output channels to be selected for use during measurement....
  10. V5.19 beta 8 REW Windows installer with JRE

    John Mulcahy
    Changes in beta 8:
    • Reduced waterfall controls width to help formatting on low resolution screens
    • Added a View preference to show or hide the toolbar, hiding it makes more space on low resolution screens
    • Added a welcome message on startup with pointers to initial steps
    • RTA graph images captured with distortion panel showing also include the RMS level panel
    • Added 50 Hz as a 1/3 octave step for RT60 and Filtered IR
    • Added new controls for the filter frequency on the...