REW Windows 64-bit installer

REW Windows 64-bit installer V5.20.3

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RTA !!! REW !!!
Tres bon logiciel et tres bon travail...bravo
Everything is cool. I love REW. I was using it with my 4th Gen i7 dual core Laptop. It was fine. Now it is crapping with Threadripper 16 cores!!! Why?
I have way better CPU and WAAAAAAAAAY better GPU than my 6 year old Laptop and REW worked fine on that laptop but it is straightaway crapping on my Threadripper PC.
Wonderful are for speaker, system and room measurements.
Best room correction solution you can find!
REW has allowed me to make the very most of my home studio without spending several thousands of dollars on a monitor system while still crossing my fingers that they wouldn't need tweaking once activated. After a thorough measurement process of 5 points in and immediately surrounding my seating position for Left and Right, I then averaged the results into master L and master R at minimum phase to export as filtered impulse responses, I then used Adobe Audition to combine the individual left and right impulses into a single stereo file. I load the stereo impulse through Equalizer APO for the computer WDM audio, and I use a convolution reverb VST software plugin to apply the same stereo impulse response at the main outs of my DAW. Finally, optimized flat response from my my monitor system regardless of playback options. REW made it all possible.
Even though I don't use it a lot, I donate a fair amount every year for this excellent software package. Everyone who uses it should do the same if you can afford it.
This software is becoming one of the most widely used, widely referred and widely distributed professional grade software the field has to offer. It has all of the capability of software suites costing thousands of dollars and the man behind it, John Mulcahy, has made it available to all of us for free. This software is on its way to becoming the industry standard in acoustical measurement software and for John's tireless dedication to constantly updating and adding on the requests of it's users, fixing bugs and just making it the most user friendly, intuitive and feature rich software of it's kind, I just want to say thanks.
Nowadays, it is difficult, regardless of the field, to have a man like you so dedicated to a project!!!!!
It is a great software that can help you understand much better what is actually happening with the sounds around us, and for those interested, with a little skill and knowledge to greatly improve the sound where they want!
Thank you very much on behalf of all those passionate about acoustics !!!
trabalho com som automotivo e residencial exelente software parabèns V5.20 beta 61
O meu trabalho na acústica e reprodução do som teve dois momentos para mim: antes e depois do REW! Obrigado pela sua generosidade John de facilitar o acesso ao REW!

"se você não entende de ciência não se meta em psicociência"
I'm a professional sound engineer, and for years this is my go-to software for loudspeaker frequency response measurement. I use it for amplifiers and even microphones as well. REW is powerful, works with any proper hardware interface, and is fairly self-explanatory. Keep going!
Many Thanks !! Appreciate and Grateful for your hard work on this Fantastic & Most Useful Software. Love it.
Great work keep it up mate
Best software period
Wonderful job by John
Wonderful job by John. Clearly a labor of love. REW is a tremendous equipment evaluation tool with a suitable ADC/DAC in addition to its unsurpassed room evaluation capability.
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