REW Windows 64-bit installer

REW Windows 64-bit installer V5.20 beta 29

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Function - " ad room curve" - why not to make fully adjustable HF and LF and all of them fully and free functional in rise start and rise end and may be not call them HF and LF just Frequency 1 , Frequency 2 .Frequency 3 and so on..
Thank you for this excellent and well supported software.

I've been using REW for a few years now and not only has it helped make my home/car systems produce very ear pleasing sound it has also been a great help in understanding how and why audio systems sound/behave the way they do.
Me gusta trabajar con el programa y me gustan los resultados.
This is getting to be an excellent piece of software. Support for ASIO drivers would make it top notch.
Best all-round acoustics software.
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