REW Windows 64-bit installer

REW Windows 64-bit installer V5.20 RC5

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V5.20 beta releases for 64-bit Windows installations.

V5.20 beta 30 to 34 changes detailed here.

V5.20 beta 29 changes detailed here.

V5.20 beta 19 to 28 changes detailed here.

V5.20 beta 16, 17 and 18 changes detailed here.

V5.20 beta 14 and 15 changes detailed here.

V5.20 beta 13 changes detailed here.

V5.20 beta 12 changes detailed here.

V5.20 beta 11 changes detailed here.

V5.20 beta 10 changes detailed here.
John Mulcahy
First release
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4.93 star(s) 27 ratings

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trabalho com som automotivo e residencial exelente software parabèns V5.20 beta 61
O meu trabalho na acústica e reprodução do som teve dois momentos para mim: antes e depois do REW! Obrigado pela sua generosidade John de facilitar o acesso ao REW!

"se você não entende de ciência não se meta em psicociência"
I'm a professional sound engineer, and for years this is my go-to software for loudspeaker frequency response measurement. I use it for amplifiers and even microphones as well. REW is powerful, works with any proper hardware interface, and is fairly self-explanatory. Keep going!
Many Thanks !! Appreciate and Grateful for your hard work on this Fantastic & Most Useful Software. Love it.
Great work keep it up mate
Best software period
Wonderful job by John
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