REW macOS DMG (includes private Java 8 JRE)

REW macOS DMG (includes private Java 8 JRE) V5.20.3

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Unfortunately this version does not request microphone access on my computer, therefore I cannot use it. I'm on Mac OS Catalina
John Mulcahy
John Mulcahy
This really is not the place to report any problems you may have, there is a whole forum for that. If REW has mic access already there won't be a prompt, the permissions are part of the code signature. If you want to force a prompt for mic access run tccutil reset Microphone from a terminal before starting REW.
Great functionality and performance. This is now my tool of choice. And free!
Newest release never requests mic access on Big Sur, so can't be used. Thank you for the great software. Waiting for the fix...
newest release doesnt work on catalina as it never requests mic access
About 4.5 --(REW_Macos_5_20_RC8b) A minor issue I believe is occurring with MiniDsp 'EARS'. In MEASUREMENT: When setting Acoustic Timing Reference, I believe the Timing channels are swapped vs. as set in "Ref Output".
TEST: When inserting an acoustic attenuator in the R ear, timing is fed from the "L", we get msg saying the timing ref is not obtained". Setting a "Loopback" L source or opposite acoustic (R) channel eliminates the error message. Measured data correlates with the L/R channel ID spec'd for the measurement.

This has no bearing on the product rating - keep up the great work!
Great program, thanks to everyone contributing to the program. Thankfully the latest beta brings the possibility to export all impulse responses as .wav. Thanks! I would like to suggest a feature to export all RT60 data as text as well.
This is the better acoustic program
App is super, long time user but mac version can't comunicate with the Dutch&Dutch 8C speaker. Only once saw them in the REW menu. REW has not been blocked by firewall. What could it be ? Any idea ? Thanks
Super App! Must have!
Thank you for bringing us updates to this unique and indispensable tool
I have so far only experienced a minor issue on an earlier version, nothing on this (beta 46).
Thanks again for this wonderful tool, John!
as always great using roomed!
This software is so amazing!
REW just works. It does everything I have needed to do to adjust and treat my listening room as well as test and adjust nearly every piece of equipment that passes audio. It is indispensable.
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