REW Linux installer (requires Java 8)

REW Linux installer (requires Java 8) V5.20 RC2

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Updates in V5.20 release candidate 2:
  • Added an option to average each UMIK-X array when making multi-channel measurements with UMIK-X
  • Reduce RT60 Decay waterfall drawing load by not fading whole image
  • Bug fix: Workaround for JDK bug on macOS by using JetBrains JRE
  • Bug fix: RT60 Decay graph used excessive memory on macOS
  • Bug fix: If using ASIO with a USB mic connected but no ASIO input selection made would get an exception trying to load cal data
  • Bug fix: Exception in EQ window when using measurements from multi-channel capture
  • Bug fix: Last multi-channel ASIO input channel could be reset to be the same as the first input channel on startup
This is the pre-release of V5.20, changes compared to the last beta are:
  • Enabled the Pro upgrades menu (note that the miniDSP UMIK-X multichannel mic array includes a pro upgrade license)
  • Append "SPL Logger" to window title for SPL Logger to distinguish it from SPL meter title
  • Bug fix: DCX equaliser setting had 6th order BU and LR filters, they should be 8th order
  • Bug fix: If the minimum phase response was generated from the SPL & Phase graph with no phase traces selected, and hence no right hand phase axis, the right hand phase axis was not shown.
  • Bug fix: Scope trigger settings could get stuck while being changed on macOS
  • Bug fix: Sweep repetitions could be enabled after checking levels when it should remain disabled
Changes in V5.20 beta 61:
  • Extended the range of centre frequencies for the octave and one-third octave noise signals to go down to 16 Hz and up to 16 kHz (octave) and 20 kHz (one-third octave)
  • Added Noise floor to the list of parameters that can be shown on the Distortion Overlay graph
  • Added a View preference to show the measurement level on the measurement thumbnails, for new measurements that will use the units selected on the signal generator
  • When a toolbar window is selected via the toolbar button or its shortcut the focus is moved to the primary component for the window, if it has one (e.g. the On/Off button for SPL meter or Generator)
  • Bug fix: Trace separation did not work on the Distortion overlay graph
  • Bug fix: FlexASIO control panel did not read the output of portaudiodevices.exe properly when device names contained non-ASCII characters
  • Bug fix: Modifying FlexASIO buffer size while audio I/O was in progress could cause an NPE
  • Bug fix: Removed macOS workaround for format/sample rate changes made in AudioMidiSetup while REW is running as it caused issues with some interfaces. If a change is made in AudioMidiSetup change the REW sample rate then change it back to pick up the new audio interface configuration.
V5.20 beta 60 updates:
  • Added octave and one-third octave filtered options for the pink and white random and periodic noise signals with filter type selection of BU2 to BU8 and, for PN, Brickwall
  • Added a filter type selection for the custom filtered pink PN and white PN, with BU2 to BU8 and Brickwall options
  • Show a scroll bar in the graph capture comment box for long comments
  • Bug fix: Dutch & Dutch 8c speakers might not be found on macOS
  • Bug fix: Filters sent from REW to an 8c were named starting from zero instead of starting from one
  • Bug fix: Filters loaded from an 8c were shifted down 1 position in the REW filter list from where they should appear
  • Bug fix: If only impedance measurements were loaded Fit to data would generate an exception on the All Impedance graph and the All impedance overlay
  • Bug fix: The impulse envelope was not updated when a filter was applied on the Filtered IR graph
Changes in V5.20 beta 59:
  • For stepped level measurements the SPL & Phase graph now shows a plot of the input level versus generator level and a linearity plot (previously it was blank)
  • If no IPV4 addresses are obtained for an 8c use any IPV6 address it returns
  • When importing measurement files if the data is very sparse (10 points or fewer) use linear interpolation on a log frequency axis, like a house curve import
  • Added an extra check for file imports to reduce chance of a csv file not using .csv as its extension being interpreted as using comma as delimiter
  • Added a View preference on macOS to select if using an AZERTY keyboard to work around a Java bug (JDK-8019498) causing incorrect shortcut key mappings
  • Bug fix: Made the beta 57 Java driver changes apply to macOS only, on Windows they could cause test signals to be truncated if the replay chain had a large buffering delay
  • Bug fix: If using a USB mic via an ASIO wrapper and the mic was disconnected and reconnected while REW was running REW would believe the mic input volume setting was zero and increase SPL readings accordingly
Bug fix affecting beta 57: Exception when shutting down if no measurements had been made with beta 57
Changes in V5.20 beta 57:

  • REW now saves a temporary copy of each measurement when it is made. On a normal shutdown those temporary copies are deleted, if REW did not shut down normally it will warn of the existence of the temporary files on the next startup and offer to load them.
  • Added a "Fit to data" button on the graph limits dialog and a corresponding entry in the Graph menu with a Ctrl+Alt+F shortcut. Fit to data sets the graph axes to show the full span of the data. On overlay graphs the fit covers the span of the selected measurements.
  • Added a button to insert the notes from the current measurement in the comments for graph image captures
  • Ensure controls panel remains visible if an additional graph is shown below the main graph
  • Added an "Infrasound" frequency band label for the region below 20 Hz
  • Bug fix: On macOS changing audio interface sample rate or format in Audio Midi Devices while REW was running would stop audio I/O from working, changes made to the Java driver handling for all platforms to fix that.
Changes in V5.20 beta 56:
  • Added support for the Dutch&Dutch 8c eq features, including support for measuring using sweep signals generated by the speakers. 8c firmware V1.4.50 or later is required. Select the 8c as the default equaliser in REW's preferences to activate all 8c features.
  • Added support for the Elder Audio TimeZero2.6D/4.8D equalisers
  • Add 2 to 3 seconds of 16-bit dither at the beginning of measurement sweep files to ensure playback devices lock to the source before the timing signal starts
  • Show a message if the TS params calc is attempted without selecting a free air measurement
  • Initialise the room dimensions for new measurements from the room simulator dimensions

Bug fixes
  • TS simplified model params could be incorrect
  • An exception could occur when loading a stepped level measurement
  • Signal generator preview panel height was not scaled up for high DPI displays
  • Measurement sweep level could use signal generator level instead of output level in some circumstances
Bug fix: Predicted filter response could be wrong for some combinations of measurement and equaliser sample rate
Changes in V5.20 beta 54:

Graph metrics
  • Added calculation of metrics for a range selected by holding the shift key then pressing and dragging with the left mouse button, implemented for SPL & Phase graph and Filter Adjust graph.
  • Show regression line and T60 value on the Filtered IR graph for a range selected by holding the shift key then pressing and dragging with the left mouse button

  • Minimum signal level for the signal generator reduced to -180 dBFS
  • Allow harmonics down to -180 dB on tone generator

  • Compensate for cal file corrections when estimating frequency of fundamental for RTA harmonic distortion
  • Added an option in the RTA's Distortion Settings to manually specify the fundamental level for harmonic distortion calculations

  • Added a View preference "Scale fonts for display DPI" which allows REW to adapt to high-DPI screens. It is only applicable on Windows and Linux at more than 96 DPI. Scaling will have no effect on Windows unless the High DPI scaling override is enabled with scaling set to Application. That property can be changed by right-clicking on the REW shortcut, selecting Properties, then the Compatibility tab, then the Change high DPI settings button. On Linux it may be necessary to set the DPI figure, for example using xrandr --dpi 192 to set 192 DPI. On both builds the DPI figure REW is being given can be viewed in the About REW dialog.
  • Adjust icon size on Windows and Linux according to the display DPI
  • Changed the graph zoom button icons

Other changes
  • Show a warning if one of the devices specified in the FlexASIO config file is not present when using FlexASIO
  • Allow the dBr axis setting to behave like dBc for saved RTA/Spectrum measurements

Bug fixes
  • Trace legend value for spectrum or RTA data that used bars showed interpolated values
  • RMS levels in the notes of saved RTA measurements with Adjust RTA Levels selected were increased by the level adjustment
  • Dual added mass ZM* and Bl traces were N/A when using linear spaced impedance measurements
  • Changing the Use thick traces View preference did not update graphs until restart
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