REW Linux installer (requires Java 8)

REW Linux installer (requires Java 8) V5.20 beta 29

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Changes in V5.20 beta 29:
  • Replaced the All SPL parametric sum feature by a more general Alignment Tool
  • Added a control in the Impulse graph to offset t=0 with a live preview of the effect on phase
  • Added a control in the Impulse graph to adjust clock rate with a live preview of the effect on the impulse response and phase
  • Added a control in the Group Delay graph to offset t=0 with a live preview of the effect on phase
  • Added a control in the SPL & Phase graph to offset t=0 with a live preview of the effect on phase
  • Added a button to invert polarity in the SPL & Phase graph
  • Use indicators above the Impulse graph to show the window reference time and left and right window extents. The markers can be dragged with the mouse to change the window settings. While the mouse button is pressed to drag a marker a preview of the resulting windowed measurement is shown. Window changes are applied to the measurement when the mouse button is released.
  • Moved the control to normalise to a defined peak SPL from the Impulse graph to the SPL & Phase graph
  • Removed the "New" and "Avg" icons in the All SPL graph legend
  • Added a menu entry to export all impulse responses as text
  • Added PNC, NCB, NC and NR noise criteria figures to the RTA when it is in one octave mode, with an option to show noise curves on the graph
  • Bug fix: An exception could occur when checking levels
  • Bug fix: Phase plots did not show data points when that option was selected
  • Bug fix: NPE when applying clock rate adjustments to imported sweep recordings
Changes in V5.20 beta 28:
  • Added a Parametric Sum trace arithmetic operation that allows gain, polarity and delay to be adjusted with a live preview of the result
  • Added an option to export all impulse responses as WAV
  • Added a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+R to export RT60 data for a measurement, filename defaults to RT60_ followed by the measurement name
  • Revised RT60 calculation to better cope with very long decays
  • Added a warning about white noise stressing tweeters in the signal generator help
  • Bug fix: Cal file loader did not properly handle commas within values
  • Bug fix: An exception occurred after dropping a WAV file onto the RTA for processing
  • Bug fix: An exception could occur when generating waterfall traces
  • Bug fix: An exception could occur when checking levels
Changes in V5.20 beta 27:
  • Adjusted fractional octave smoothing to be a little closer to a power average for larger octave fractions
  • Extended RTA THD figure to include harmonics up to the 50th
  • Added a Higher Harmonic Distortion figure to the RTA showing the contribution of the 10th and higher harmonics
  • RTA peak trace now reflects the highest levels of each block processed rather than the highest level of the averaged trace
  • Set default RTA window to Hann
  • Use the current SPL calibration data offset for imported impulse response WAV files instead of a default offset
  • Added a control to show/hide the spectrogram colour bar
  • Ensure phase trace isn't too light when using light background
  • On low resolution screens use a scroll bar in the graph legend if it requires more than 4 rows
  • Added a check for zero-valued mic data on macOS with a warning to check mic access is enabled if detected
  • Bug fix: An exception could occur when starting the SPL logger
  • Bug fix: Guard against reported error arising from an invalid trace index
Changes in V5.20 beta 26:
  • Allow the default audio input to be SPL calibrated
  • Show phase trace in a different hue to the SPL trace and draw it dotted to better distinguish it from the SPL trace
  • Added options in the waterfall graph controls to show or hide the time axis labels, settings label and colour bar
  • Upgraded to install4j V8 - should fix the problem with window managers and similar applications on macOS
  • Mac installers from this point onwards are notarized
  • Attempted to set up file associations for mdat and req files on Linux
  • Bug fix: Soundcard cal entries were not showing the sample rate
  • Bug fix: IllegalArgumentException on sweep import
  • Bug fix: Import sweep response accepted drop even if component was not enabled
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Changes in beta 25:
  • Added shelf filters with adjustable Q for the Generic and miniDSP equalisers. Use Q = 0.7071 for the maximum monotonic shelf slope.
  • Change text colour for graph image comments on the graph depending on the graph background
  • Added an SPL figure to the Measure dialog level check result
  • When the ASIO secondary output is enabled select an output other than the primary output
  • When filter numbers are shown above the EQ window filter adjust graph only show numbers for filters that have an effect
  • Additional error reporting
  • Bug fix: CTA-2034 limits should be displayed for fundamentals up to 5 kHz
  • Bug fix: Zoom/measurement box on graph captures was drawn in the wrong position and did not use monochrome when the option was selected
  • Bug fix: Exported impulse response WAV files were shorter than they should be if the peak was less than 1 second from the IR start
  • Bug fix: Trace arithmetic 1/A or 1/B would fail if the trace being operated on only had magnitude data
Changes in V5.20 beta 24:
  • Added 1/A and 1/B as trace arithmetic operations - results will only be valid for measurements made over the full frequency range
  • Allow soundcard cal files for the Default output device (using the default device is not recommended)
  • Allow 2 decimal places for the impedance measurement sense resistor value
  • Use scientific notation for distortion percentages below 0.001% in the distortion graph legend
  • Bug fix: Mic cal file entries were not created for devices with mono inputs
  • Bug fix: The measurement trace on the EQ window should not update when the trace offset is changed unless "Add to data" is used
V5.20 beta 23 changes:

  • Added an option to use CRLF as end of line when exporting measurements as text on macOS or Linux so the files have better compatibility with Windows applications
  • Bug fix: The SPL measurement timing offset was also being applied to impedance measurements
  • Bug fix: Prevent the frequency bands stripe text labels overwriting each other on narrow graphs
  • Bug fix: Do not colour the frequency bands stripe in captured images if monochrome option selected
  • Bug fix: Do not colour the modal resonance lines in captured images if monochrome option selected
Changes in V5.20 beta 22:
  • Added an option to show the audio frequency bands above the graph for the SPL & Phase and All SPL graphs
  • Allow Soundcard calibration measurement names to be changed
  • Bug fix: Measurement trace on RTA window did not update when trace offset was changed
V5.20 beta 21 changes:
  • Bug fix: Mic cal files with "sensitivity" in a line in the file could cause an exception
V5.20 beta 20 changes:
  • Added support for 768 kHz on ASIO. Tested for replay (ADI-2 DAC) but not for capture.
  • When calculating target level for a Full range target use the measurement data from 200 Hz to 2000 Hz rather than from the LF cutoff to 2000 Hz
  • Added support for a sensitivity figure in analog mic cal files. Format is: Sensitivity -12.3 dBFS where the dBFS value is the input level REW sees when the mic sees 94 dB SPL. Note that it will only be valid for the input gain and input volume settings that were used when the sensitivity was measured.
  • Changed RTA save buttons to use a save icon instead of a save as icon
  • Bug fix: RTA peak sample display was incorrect
  • Bug fix: 192k capture could fail to start
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