REW Linux installer (requires Java 8) V5.20 beta 6

The Oracle Java runtime seems to work best

  1. REW V5.20 beta 6 Linux installer (requires Java 8)

    John Mulcahy
    V5.20 beta 6

    • Added CTA-2034-A shaped noise signals to the signal generator
    • Added a control to select either CEA-2010 or CTA-2034-A max SPL limits on the RTA
    • Removed the spkr cal and sub cal options for white periodic noise, only applicable for pink
    • Expanded graph capture aspect ratio options to include 10, 25 and 50 dB/decade
    • Put font size control for graph capture into the graph capture dialog, added separate font size control for the comment
    • Added comment position...
  2. REW V5.20 beta 5 Linux installer (requires Java 8)

    John Mulcahy
    V5.20 beta 5 changes:

    • Revised the EQ target setting panel to better explain the target types and separate the room curve controls, which can be separately enabled/disabled
    • Added a check box to enable/disable room curve settings
    • Added a "Speaker driver" target type with configurable low and high pass crossover filter responses
    • Added LP1 and HP1 filter types to the Generic equaliser to provide first order (6 dB/octave) LP and HP
    • Expanded the equaliser selection help to...
  3. REW V5.20 beta 4 Linux installer (requires Java 8)

    John Mulcahy
    Changes in V5.20 beta 4:
    • When measurements with distortion data are averaged using (A+B)/2 or Vector average their distortion data is also averaged, providing the measurements were made at the same sample rate and with the same sweep or stepped sine settings
    • Added a Window function setting for the tone burst generator with a range of window types
    • Reduced memory use and file size for sweep measurements
    • Added Float as a format for exported WAV files
    • Additional text for...
  4. REW V5.20 beta 3 Linux installer (requires Java 8)

    John Mulcahy
    V5.20 beta 3
    • Restored 16k and 32k sample rate options for sig gen WAV files and filter impulse response exports
    • Update the sample rate selector when reloading the ASIO driver
    • Added an option to plot distortion harmonics at the harmonic frequency rather than the fundamental frequency
    • Update dBFS scaling for signal generator and RTA when focus leaves the dBFS scale field
    • Restart any ASIO audio I/O after changing input or output channels
    • If a graph capture includes the...
  5. REW Linux installer V5.20 beta 2 (requires Java 8)

    John Mulcahy
    V5.20 beta 2 changes:

    • Gave the signal generator a revamp and added a signal waveform preview
    • Added fade in and fade out controls to the linear and log sweep signals
    • Added AES17-2015 MD and DFD presets to the dual tone signals
    • Changed sig gen level control behaviour for dual tone signals, the level setting now reflects the rms level of the combined signal rather than the rms level of f1
    • Added a selection of multitone test signals
    • Allow RTA lengths up to 1M
    • If the...
  6. V5.20 beta 1 Linux installer

    John Mulcahy
    First beta of V5.20
    • Increased audio data timeouts for macOS to accommodate 10.14 Mojave delays in granting audio access
    • Changed text for checkbox to lock sine gen frequency to RTA FFT length and included the FFT length in the text
    • Added Preferences menu entries to set the REW main window to a selection of predefined sizes
    • Bug fix: If not setting t=0 at IR peak the win ref time was not being reset after estimate IR delay, causing incorrect phase for FDW
    • Bug fix: SPL...
  7. V5.19 Linux installer

    John Mulcahy
  8. V5.19 beta 12 for Linux

    John Mulcahy
    Small changes in 5.19 beta 12, all being well the last before the 5.19 release.

    • Improved rendering of text on spectrogram graph images when spectrogram floor is filled
    • Small refinement to the IR start detection code
    • Changed delay figure with acoustic timing reference back to using IR start time for limited bandwidth measurements (e.g. subwoofers), retained use of the Estimate IR Delay process otherwise
    • Bug fix: Added checks to try and prevent occasional exception when...
  9. V5.19 beta 11 for Linux

    John Mulcahy
    V5.19 beta 11 changes:
    • Added Leq traces for the last minute and the last 10 minutes to the SPL logger
    • Added * in front of comment lines in the impulse response text export file and a * Data start comment immediately before the data
    • Trim trailing zeroes when exporting impulse response as text with window applied, but note that the data will be padded with zeroes so the length is a binary power if required
    • Show an error message if the file selected for data import does not...
  10. V5.19 beta 10 for Linux

    John Mulcahy
    Changes in V5.19 beta 10:

    • 24-bit data is now supported where the JVM makes it available (currently macOS and probably Linux)
    • Added 176.4, 352.8 and 384 kHz to the sample rates allowed for ASIO
    • Allow generator to continue running if ASIO output selection is changed - audio will be interrupted briefly, however
    • Added a dBc axis option for the RTA (dB relative to carrier, mainly used to present data relative to the level of the fundamental tone in the signal)
    • Only stop the...