OLD REW OS X DMG (includes private Java 8 JRE) V5.19 beta 8

OS X 10.7 - 10.12

  1. V5.19 beta 8 REW OS X DMG

    John Mulcahy
    Changes in beta 8:
    • Reduced waterfall controls width to help formatting on low resolution screens
    • Added a View preference to show or hide the toolbar, hiding it makes more space on low resolution screens
    • Added a welcome message on startup with pointers to initial steps
    • RTA graph images captured with distortion panel showing also include the RMS level panel
    • Added 50 Hz as a 1/3 octave step for RT60 and Filtered IR
    • Added new controls for the filter frequency on the...
  2. V5.19 beta 7a REW OS X Installer

    John Mulcahy
    As beta 7 with fix for minimum phase generation not working.
  3. V5.19 beta 7 OS X Installer

    John Mulcahy
    Quite a few changes in this beta version, I'll list them here and make further posts to explain the changes.
    • Added ability to import sweep recordings and generate measurements from them
    • Added sweep level, timing ref level and sample rate selection when saving measurement sweep to WAV file
    • Added sweep settings information into measurement sweep files saved as WAV
    • Added option to capture spectrum data when making stepped sine measurements, the data can be viewed on...
  4. REW OS X DMG (includes private Java 8 JRE)

    John Mulcahy
    Changes in beta 6:
    • Play a minimum level sine wave before the sweep starts to help with signal lock for digital connections e.g. HDMI
    • Capture the noise floor before sweep and stepped sine measurements
    • Added option to mask distortion harmonics that are below the noise floor (on by default)
    • Show harmonics used in THD calculation in trace name
    • When saving filter coefficients to file for Generic equaliser only include enabled filters
    • Faster operation of the right click...