OLD REW OS X DMG (includes private Java 8 JRE)

OLD REW OS X DMG (includes private Java 8 JRE) V5.19 beta 8

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V5.19 beta release, OS X DMG installer with private Java 8 JRE.

See Updates for the latest changes
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John Mulcahy
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Latest updates

  1. V5.19 beta 8 REW OS X DMG

    Changes in beta 8: Reduced waterfall controls width to help formatting on low resolution...
  2. V5.19 beta 7a REW OS X Installer

    As beta 7 with fix for minimum phase generation not working.
  3. V5.19 beta 7 OS X Installer

    Quite a few changes in this beta version, I'll list them here and make further posts to explain...

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