No longer used REW Windows 64-bit installer

No longer used REW Windows 64-bit installer V5.20.3

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Changes in V5.20 beta 14:
  • Added Analysis options to automatically correct any difference between the input and output clock rates when using an acoustic timing reference or when using a loopback as a reference
  • Soundcard calibration measurements check for and correct input/output clock rate mismatch
  • Added manual clock adjustment in the Impulse graph controls
  • Added a headroom figure on the filters panel showing the impact of any overall gain in the filter set
  • Use longer sweeps for soundcard calibration at higher sample rates
  • Added a display of the cumulative IR shift in the Impulse graph controls
  • If changing from one graph with frequency as X axis to another keep the cursor at the same frequency (if within the graph span)
  • Bug fix: Trace offset was not taken into account when shifting SPL axis to bring trace into view
  • Bug fix: Sweep lengths that were too short for the selected sample rate could be chosen (e.g. 128k sweep at 192 kHz sample rate), that is now prevented
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V5.20 beta 13 changes:
  • Updated sweep file version number and added check that files loaded are the current version before using them
  • Changed input and output scaling controls to use "FS sine" instead of "0 dBFS" so the figure is independent of the "Full scale sine rms is 0 dBFS" setting
  • Generator voltage level display now uses V, mV, uV or nV according to the value. Values change in steps of 0.1 dB when using the arrow buttons.
  • Added an option to capture the graph image in monochrome, using 4 different line styles instead of different colours
  • Added an option on Linux to force stereo access to audio interfaces with Java drivers as some interfaces may report they support multichannel at the requested sample rate but may not operate properly
  • Start the SPL meter automatically when it is opened
  • Pressing Cancel while a measurement is in progress stops the measurement but now doesn't close the measurement dialog
  • Bug fix: Stepped sine dialog did not allow 0 dBFS level when the "Full scale sine rms is 0 dBFS" option was selected
Changes in V5.20 beta 12:
  • Replaced the RTA "DR" figure by A-weighted noise plus distortion in the current Y axis units
  • Added a basic scope data export capability
  • Bug fix: Predicted response was not updated correctly when loading a measurement with filters
  • Bug fix: Measurement sweep could be shorter than intended for some combinations of start frequency, end frequency and total length
  • Bug fix: RTA file processing would not give a result for files the same length as the FFT length
  • Bug fix: When processing files the RTA sample rate remained at the rate of the first file processed
  • Bug fix: The All SPL button to "Average the Responses" was disabled when an averaged measurement was selected
  • Bug fix: An exception could occur while calculating the impulse response
Changes in V5.20 beta 11:
  • Added 192 kHz to the list of Java sample rates for all platforms and made changes to improve behaviour at 192k
  • Restore the previous generator signal selection after checking levels, doing a soundcard calibration or making a stepped sine measurement
  • Increased the measurement name field width on wider screens
  • Include the zoom box on graph captures
  • Changed the Predicted response on the Filter Adjust graph to use the windowed rather than the full IR
  • Changed the Predicted response on the Filter Adjust graph to reflect the equaliser selection's fixed sample rate rather than adapting to the measurement rate
  • Added a view preference to control whether phase wraps are shown with dashed lines or not at all
  • Revised the dialog for exporting distortion data as text for stepped sine data
  • Added triple tone signals to the generator
  • Added TDFD presets to the dual tone signals
  • Allow dual and triple tone frequencies up to half the sample rate
  • Added options to specify the period of tone bursts in cycles, milliseconds or samples (binary powers to match FFT lengths)
  • Reduced minimum bandwidth for custom filtered random noise to 1/3 octave or 10 Hz, whichever is greater
  • Reduced minimum bandwidth for custom filtered periodic noise to 10% or 10 Hz, whichever is greater
  • Show a message if REW has changed the RTA window to Rectangular for multitone TD+N calculation
  • Expanded the dither bit depth choice to cover all values from 16 to 25 bits
  • Added ASIO sample format display in the status bar. Note that the data bit depth is often lower than the sample format allows, REW shows the detected bit depth for input data based on the data values received
  • Added two more date format options for measurement naming
  • Added the input device to the input name shown in the title of the RTA, SPL meter, Scope and SPL Logger windows
  • Show the output device and output in the title of the signal generator window
  • Added in-band (22.4 Hz to 22.4 kHz) and out of band (> 22.4 kHz) levels to the RTA levels panel
  • Add the RTA levels panel to RTA image captures
  • Show the peak input SPL before clipping in the main window status bar
  • Added an equaliser entry for the miniDSP C-DSP 8x12 DL, 10 filters at 48 kHz
  • Bug fix: When using Java drivers switching to an output device with fewer channels than the current output device would cause an exception
  • Bug fix: Filtered IR could get stuck in a loop when changing time reversed or zero phase setting
  • Bug fix: File playback did not accept sweep files that had the timing reference in one channel and the measurement sweep in the other
  • Bug fix: Measurement sweep end frequency was limited to 96 kHz even if the sample rate was above 192 kHz
  • Bug fix: Sig gen output level spinner was being updated twice if the "Full scale sine rms is 0 dBFS" setting changed
  • Bug fix: Sig gen output level peak value was incorrect if the unit was not dBFS and "Full scale sine rms is 0 dBFS" was selected
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