No longer used REW Windows 64-bit installer

No longer used REW Windows 64-bit installer V5.20.3

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Changes in V5.20 beta 24:
  • Added 1/A and 1/B as trace arithmetic operations - results will only be valid for measurements made over the full frequency range
  • Allow soundcard cal files for the Default output device (using the default device is not recommended)
  • Allow 2 decimal places for the impedance measurement sense resistor value
  • Use scientific notation for distortion percentages below 0.001% in the distortion graph legend
  • Bug fix: Mic cal file entries were not created for devices with mono inputs
  • Bug fix: The measurement trace on the EQ window should not update when the trace offset is changed unless "Add to data" is used
V5.20 beta 23 changes:

  • Added an option to use CRLF as end of line when exporting measurements as text on macOS or Linux so the files have better compatibility with Windows applications
  • Bug fix: The SPL measurement timing offset was also being applied to impedance measurements
  • Bug fix: Prevent the frequency bands stripe text labels overwriting each other on narrow graphs
  • Bug fix: Do not colour the frequency bands stripe in captured images if monochrome option selected
  • Bug fix: Do not colour the modal resonance lines in captured images if monochrome option selected
Changes in V5.20 beta 22:
  • Added an option to show the audio frequency bands above the graph for the SPL & Phase and All SPL graphs
  • Allow Soundcard calibration measurement names to be changed
  • Bug fix: Measurement trace on RTA window did not update when trace offset was changed
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V5.20 beta 21 changes:
  • Bug fix: Mic cal files with "sensitivity" in a line in the file could cause an exception
V5.20 beta 20 changes:
  • Added support for 768 kHz on ASIO. Tested for replay (ADI-2 DAC) but not for capture.
  • When calculating target level for a Full range target use the measurement data from 200 Hz to 2000 Hz rather than from the LF cutoff to 2000 Hz
  • Added support for a sensitivity figure in analog mic cal files. Format is: Sensitivity -12.3 dBFS where the dBFS value is the input level REW sees when the mic sees 94 dB SPL. Note that it will only be valid for the input gain and input volume settings that were used when the sensitivity was measured.
  • Changed RTA save buttons to use a save icon instead of a save as icon
  • Bug fix: RTA peak sample display was incorrect
  • Bug fix: 192k capture could fail to start
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Changes in V5.20 beta 19:
  • Added miniDSP EARS as a recognised USB mic, EARS gain is extracted from the device name - if the gain is changed disconnect and reconnect EARS and restart REW so the new gain is picked up
  • Allow tone generator harmonic distortion levels down to -150 dB
  • When an input or output device is selected automatically select the first input or output rather than selecting default
  • When prompting for USB mic cal data show a mic calibration files dialog rather than showing a file chooser directly
  • Added a "Close" button to the cal files dialog
  • If FlexASIO is being used and a UMIK-1 is connected assume the selected FlexASIO input is the UMIK-1
  • Removed the 1.5GB memory allocation option for Windows 32-bit installations as likely to result in the application not starting
  • Bug fix: Saving a soundcard calibration measurement as a cal file was not updating the cal file entry
  • Bug fix: Plotting of modal resonances from the resonance analysis pane was broken in beta 16
Changes in V5.20 beta 18:
  • Don't show zero volume warnings if Suppress Soundcard Errors is selected
  • Bug fix: Scope math traces could be clipped
  • Bug fix: Stop windows selected from the menu being pushed behind the main window
  • Bug fix: Changing graph while loading measurements could cause the legend to show the wrong trace names
  • Bug fix: Devices with no input channels could appear in the mic cal files list
  • Bug fix: Cal files were not being restored on next startup if "Separate cal files for each input" was used
  • Bug fix: USB mic cal file sensitivity data was not processed until the next startup or input change when the cal file was loaded using the Browse button
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Changes in V5.20 beta 17:
  • Added Alt+C as a shortcut for the graph capture button
  • Added a warning that Default input cannot be used for SPL calibration
  • Added a message on the Cal Files preferences to select an input device and input if they have not been selected
  • Bug fix: Manual SPL calibration was not working properly in beta 16
  • Bug fix: RTA distortion panel did not show results if the signal generator had not been displayed
V5.20 beta 16 changes:

  • Calibration files for soundcards are now linked to the output device name and the sample rate, the required file will be loaded automatically if the device or sample rate change provided it has been specified
  • Calibration files for input devices (microphones, SPL meters, ...) are now linked to the input device name and the input channel, the required file will be loaded automatically if the device or channel change provided it has been specified
  • All calibration files can be viewed on the Cal Files preferences tab (replaces the Mic/Meter settings tab)
  • The files that will be used for the current measurement can be viewed/changed using the Cal Files... button on the Measure dialog
  • The soundcard calibration file is not used when playback is from file
  • Added number of samples to the cumulative IR shift figure in the Impulse graph controls and the IR delay estimate dialog
  • When highlighting a trace (by placing the mouse cursor over its name in the legend) fade other traces to help it stand out
  • Redisplay level meters if they were showing before an ASIO I/O change
  • Added ASIO secondary output selector on the Soundcard preferences
  • Bug fix: Signal generator level adjustment wasn't working if the "Full scale sine rms is 0 dBFS" option wasn't selected
  • Bug fix: When using ASIO4All the default Windows recording device would be shown as not available
  • Bug fix: Menu bar was duplicated on macOS which could lead to odd behaviour
  • Bug fix: Adjust RTA levels should not affect the values in the RMS input levels panel
  • Bug fix: Output level unit selection was not updating when changed from another output level control
V5.20 beta 15 changes:
  • Bug fix: Measuring with multiple sweeps was broken in beta 14
  • Bug fix: "Drop small filters" could drop manual filters when using the manual optimisation controls
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