No longer used:  REW Windows 32-bit installer (requires 32-bit Java 8)

No longer used: REW Windows 32-bit installer (requires 32-bit Java 8) V5.20 beta 7

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V5.20 beta 3

  • Restored 16k and 32k sample rate options for sig gen WAV files and filter impulse response exports
  • Update the sample rate selector when reloading the ASIO driver
  • Added an option to plot distortion harmonics at the harmonic frequency rather than the fundamental frequency
  • Update dBFS scaling for signal generator and RTA when focus leaves the dBFS scale field
  • Restart any ASIO audio I/O after changing input or output channels
  • If a graph capture includes the legend it will use the graph capture font configured in the View preferences and the legend will only include traces that are on the graph
  • When exporting filter settings as text use 2dp for frequencies below 100 Hz and 2dp for gain
  • Improved rendering of waterfall time slice labels on macOS
  • Changed Stepped sine button shortcut to Alt+N
  • Use rectangular window for stepped sine measurement (test tones are aligned to FFT bins)
  • After starting the RTA or changing the FFT length averaging does not begin until a full FFT length of data has been received, plus the lengths of the input and output buffers
  • If the selected measurement is outside the area of the SPL & Phase graph shift the graph to make the measurement visible
  • Disabled control of input or output volume from Soundcard preferences on macOS, macOS only permits values corresponding to specific dB increments which vary according to the device and its volume range. Use Audio MIDI Setup to control volume settings.
  • File preview only shows the first measurement for very large MDAT files (>100M)
  • Added option in the 64-bit Windows installer to choose how much memory to allocate to REW when it runs
  • Added option at end of installer to launch REW
  • Added options in the uninstaller to delete REW preferences and the REW log files directory
  • Changed the macOS installer to install to a directory so that the uninstaller can be included and the roomeqwizard.vmoptions file is more easily accessed
  • Bug fix: Calibrate soundcard wouldn't work on macOS
  • Bug fix: If the sig gen had not been launched calibrate soundcard would fail to play the 1kHz tone and check levels would not work
  • Bug fix: Output level was not shown on VU meter when measuring with a 4M sweep
  • Bug fix: THD percentage or dBr figures in the graph legend did not use the harmonic frequency as the reference when that option was selected but the plot was not normalised
  • Bug fix: The reference measurement trace on the RTA window was plotted using the system SPL offset rather than the offset from the selected measurement
  • Bug fix: Stepped sine fundamental and harmonics could be drawn at the wrong position when the RTA axis was volts or watts
  • Bug fix: REW V3 measurements could not be loaded
V5.20 beta 2 changes:

  • Gave the signal generator a revamp and added a signal waveform preview
  • Added fade in and fade out controls to the linear and log sweep signals
  • Added AES17-2015 MD and DFD presets to the dual tone signals
  • Changed sig gen level control behaviour for dual tone signals, the level setting now reflects the rms level of the combined signal rather than the rms level of f1
  • Added a selection of multitone test signals
  • Allow RTA lengths up to 1M
  • If the RTA update interval is more than 1 second show the percentage progress for the next update on the record button
  • Provide separate buttons in RTA to save current, peak and both traces
  • Added dBu and dBV RTA Y axis options and a level calibration capability
  • Added dBW RTA Y axis option and a control for the reference resistance for the dBW values
  • Added an option to show RTA distortion ratios as either percentages or dB
  • Expanded the RTA IMD results to include Total Distortion + Noise
  • Added RTA figures for Total Distortion + Noise and SNR when using the multitone test signals
  • Added two Dolph-Chebyshev RTA window options, with side lobes 150 dB down or 200 dB down
  • Added an A weighted dynamic range figure to the RTA THD results
  • Added a display of the peak sample value in the RTA rms input levels box
  • Determine a more accurate value for the IR peak when it lies between samples
  • Improved precision of Estimate IR Delay
  • Made the acoustic timing reference delay estimates more precise
  • Improved inter-sample rendering of impulse responses so the waveform retains the same shape regardless of fractional sample offsets,
    to achieve this the IR is oversampled using a method selected by the new IR oversampler option in the Analysis preferences.
  • Changed behaviour while capturing the noise floor before a sweep measurement. Used to play a 1 Hz sine at -150 dBFS, then stop the generator and start it again to play the measurement sweep. Now dithers the lsb before the sweep starts without having to stop and start the generator. Should help ensure digital inputs are active and locked to the generator before the sweep starts and prevent issues with audio drivers due to rapid stopping/restarting of the audio lines.
  • Decay, waterfall and spectrogram plots generate automatically when the graph is selected
  • Added a button in the Impulse graph controls to set t=0 at the cursor position (also activated by Alt+z when the control is visible)
  • Added a button in the Impulse graph controls to set t=0 at the IR start (also activated by Alt+y when the control is visible)
  • Added a button in the All SPL graph controls to set t=0 at the IR start for all the currently selected measurements
  • Added an option to normalise the step response to the IR peak value rather than the step response peak value
  • Changed the Merge operation to use the window settings of the B (low frequency) trace rather than the A trace
  • Show more decimal places on the window reference time as it gets closer to zero
  • Added an option to export the impulse response with EQ filters applied
  • Changed the Analysis options for setting t=0 to use either the IR peak, the start of the IR (based on it first exceeding 10% of the peak level) or the estimated IR delay
  • Added 2M and 4M sweep options, useful for improving signal to noise on high sample rate measurements
  • When importing impulse responses disabled the feature that rotated the peak to the middle of the data if it was found very close to the start of the data
  • Added all-zeroes check for imported audio files
  • Switched level checks to using Pink PN instead of random pink noise for faster and more accurate level readings
  • Persist the choice of sub or main speaker for levels check in SCSettings
  • Improved rendering of scope traces
  • Made the legend panel right click menu available in all graphs, not just overlays
  • Show a warning if the timing reference peak level is high
  • Increased span of level meters in soundcard preferences to 100 dB
  • Added a note in the View preferences to identify settings that are applied after restart
  • Removed heading text from TS parameters results panel to reduce height of window
  • Added a View preference for the font size used for graph axes in graph image captures
  • Reapply ASIO sample rate after reloading the ASIO driver
  • REW now requires a Java 8 JRE, Java 7 is no longer supported
  • Bug fix: FDW phase correction for win ref time offset from zero was inverted
  • Bug fix: Generating a min phase measurement did not take account of any frequency dependent window applied
  • Bug fix: Mouse wheel zoom did not maintain aspect ratio when zooming out
  • Bug fix: Input name disappeared from RTA window title when settings were changed
First beta of V5.20
  • Increased audio data timeouts for macOS to accommodate 10.14 Mojave delays in granting audio access
  • Changed text for checkbox to lock sine gen frequency to RTA FFT length and included the FFT length in the text
  • Added Preferences menu entries to set the REW main window to a selection of predefined sizes
  • Bug fix: If not setting t=0 at IR peak the win ref time was not being reset after estimate IR delay, causing incorrect phase for FDW
  • Bug fix: SPL meter value would stop updating after a measurement if the Levels meter was open
The V5.19 release version, ending the 5.19 beta series. Also available on
Small changes in 5.19 beta 12, all being well the last before the 5.19 release.

  • Improved rendering of text on spectrogram graph images when spectrogram floor is filled
  • Small refinement to the IR start detection code
  • Changed delay figure with acoustic timing reference back to using IR start time for limited bandwidth measurements (e.g. subwoofers), retained use of the Estimate IR Delay process otherwise
  • Bug fix: Added checks to try and prevent occasional exception when opening the EQ window
V5.19 beta 11 changes:
  • Added Leq traces for the last minute and the last 10 minutes to the SPL logger
  • Added * in front of comment lines in the impulse response text export file and a * Data start comment immediately before the data
  • Trim trailing zeroes when exporting impulse response as text with window applied, but note that the data will be padded with zeroes so the length is a binary power if required
  • Show an error message if the file selected for data import does not have any data REW can read
  • Reset the file filter list before setting a new filter to prevent filters accumulating in the list of available filters
  • The currently selected input is shown in the title of the RTA window
  • Bug fix: If the previously selected input device was no longer available on startup (showing blank in the Soundcard preferences) high CPU usage would occur when attempting to capture audio
  • Bug fix: SPL meter decay rates were too fast
  • Bug fix: Signal generator saving to WAV file could have incorrect frequencies if the chosen sample rate differed from the current REW sample rate
  • Bug fix: Measurement sweep was 3 dB higher than selected if the View option "Full scale sine rms is 0 dBFS" was selected
  • Bug fix: On macOS REW would quit even if Cancel was selected on the unsaved measurement dialog
  • Bug fix: The height of captured graph images was wrong if the selected image width didn't match the default width
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