No longer used REW Linux installer

No longer used REW Linux installer V5.20.3

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Beta release, Linux shell installer.

From V5.20 RC13 the installer includes a Java 8 runtime which will be installed for REW's private use if a suitable Java 8 runtime is not found. For earlier releases a Java 8 runtime must be installed before running the installer using sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre or equivalent. Do not install a headless JRE, they lack audio I/O.

After downloading the installation file set permissions to allow it to run and install it as follows (example is for 5.19, filename varies according to the download). If your terminal working directory is not where the file was downloaded include the path to the installer. For example, if your terminal is in your home directory and the installer was placed in Downloads add Downloads/ in front of the installer filename.

$ chmod 777
$ sudo ./

Start REW by running

$ roomeqwizard

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John Mulcahy
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