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Nov 6, 2018
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April 10
Lewisville Texas
Retired (kind of...)

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Tom Lehman

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Mar 24, 2019 at 5:33 AM
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    April 10
    Lewisville Texas
    Retired (kind of...)
    Preamp, Processor or Receiver:
    Marantz AV7703
    Main Amp:
    Parasound A21
    Additional Amp:
    Parasound A52+
    Other Amp:
    Parasound Zonemaster 4 channel, Earthquake XJ-600
    Universal / Blu-ray / CD Player:
    Oppo UDP-203
    Front Speakers:
    BG R520i
    Center Channel Speaker:
    BG R220i
    Surround Speakers:
    BG R320i
    Surround Back Speakers:
    BG R320i
    Front Height Speakers:
    Polk CS-8C
    Rear Height Speakers:
    Polk CS-8C
    Diversified Technology PF-15 (2)
    Other Speakers or Equipment:
    2- Earthquake QS-10 tactile transducers
    Video Display Device:
    JVC DLA-RS500
    Remote Control:
    URC 930
    Other Equipment:
    URC MSC-400, Apple TV 4K, DirecTv DVR, Yamaha CDC
    I usually have a set goal in all of my upgrades and changes to my system. My continuing goal is to elevate/improve the sound quality and visual quality of my system to something both meaningful and noticeable to not only me, but my wife and our friends that I share my hobby with.

    This obsession with sound and video quality didn't just begin recently. It has been a long history of torturing my pocketbook and neighbors for a long... long time.

    I have owned and evaluated many systems, and parts of systems, for myself, other folks and businesses over the years… from all-in-one record playing systems as a teen (60’s), to modest home stereo systems (ah, the 70’s), to full blown recording studio systems (also the 70’s), to ever more elaborate and higher end systems in the 80’s and 90’s leading into the home theater systems of today.

    A very brief experience history;

    60’s – Discovered music made a difference in my life :-)

    70’s – Graduated from electronics school – Ran sound for some local bands – Owned part of a
    24 track recording studio (ANALOG BABY!) – worked in a “Hi-Fi” store – worked in the telecommunications industry

    80’s – telecommunications industry

    90’s – industrial computer industry

    2000’s - independent video acquisition and editing – IT and technology in Medical Academia

    2014 – Retired from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School

    Present - Driving my wife crazy with my ideas and hobbies :-)

    Throughout it all I have always kept my hand in the AV side of things buying and installing systems for myself, friends and other folks.

    This is a hobby that can be frustrating or extremely rewarding and I love it all!
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